Important information about website security and our security certificate!

You can access our website now through https adding point-to-point encryption between your browser and our system. Instead of using http:// you can now access our website using https://.

We use a SSL certificate from the Certificate Authority (CA) CAcert http://www.cacert.org and this needs the installation of the CAcert root certificates. These certificate are no less secure than any conventional web certificat! They are just not included by default on Windows or OSX! Therefore you need to install these root certificates for your browser once.

You might get an alert from the browser about a possibly unsafe website access. Please install the CAcert certificates to remedy this situation. You will find the certificates and help how to install them at http://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=3.

If you are using windows you can easily run the windows installer from the CAcert website which will install the certificates on your system.

On OSX you will need to install the class 1 root certificate and the class 3 intermediate certificate for your browser.